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Now you can make potable water from any water source without electricity.

The Books


When I was homeless, I wrote my first two books. I had a clipboard, five hundred sheets of paper, and a pen. I wrote them out long hand and typed them up when I was in the homeless shelter. These books literally got me out of the woods.​

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The Inventor

I conceived of this invention when I was homeless, living in the Connecticut woods with a foot of snow on the ground. I had no drinking water because the only water around (besides snow which is polluted from dirt in the air) was the brackish Pawcatuck River.​

The Water Distiller has three sections.  First, the water boils in the main pot and the water vapor rises into the Top Hat. Some condensation occurs in the Top Hat and runs out along the inclined interior rim and out the side port. The remaining water vapor flows down the tube to the second part.

The second part is the dome. Water that condenses in the tube flows out the tube and out the opening in the dome into the collection pot. Some water condenses inside the dome and flows out the bottom. The remaining water vapor rises into the chimney with the p-trap at the top. Some vapor will condense in the chimney and flow out the opening of the dome.

The third part is after the p-trap and water dribbles out the end of the pipe

I’m going to be starting a Kickstarter account to raise the money necessary to manufacture this invention. If you are interested please watch the video and/or look at the diagram of my invention.